Top DIY Home Insulation Projects

We all want our homes to be flawlessly insulated during the winter months because the good insulation ensures reduced heating bills, better cost-efficiency in every home, and cosiness and warmth at home. These few DIY home insulation tips we are about to share with you today will take only a few minutes but it definitely makes a significant difference.

Get a Door Snake

Indeed, getting a door snake or a cushion you put at the bottom of the door is probably the easiest while also a very effective way to insulate your home. As simple as that, a door snake will stop the cold air from outside to enter your home from the crack of the door, while keeping the heated air inside the house.

Use Caulk Around the Dryer and Vents

Another common place that allows drafts of cold air to enter your home and the warm indoor air leaving it is through the dryer and bathroom vent. The best way to stop that is by simply going outside and putting silicone caulk on the edge of the vents where it meets the wall. This will insulate the small gaps.

Heavy Curtains

Another great tip to help you insulate your home better without breaking the bank and without time-consuming and complicated services is by simply hanging heavy curtains during the winter months. As simple as that, heavy curtains will keep the heated indoors air actually inside your home. Heavy curtains are also great to use during the summer months because they will keep the intensive sun away from baking the room.

Weather Stripping Around Doors and Windows

Gaps and cracks around the doors and windows are a common way to lose heat from inside your home and let the cold air from outside enter the room. An affordable and easy way to prevent that is by simply putting weather stripping to cover these gaps. Weatherstripping is something as simple as a narrow piece of metal, vinyl, rubber or even foam.

Window Insulation Film

A window insulation film is simply a cold-blocking layer of plastic that prevents heat loss or minimises it significantly. It is easy to use and install. A window insulation film is sold and sheets and you can cut it to fit the size of your window and then simply tape it to the window glass. Just make sure to heat it with a hairdryer to make sure it fits snugly and smoothly. The best part is that window insulation films do not block the natural light from inside, which means your room will be as light as it has always been. You can also use window insulation film on sliding door glass.

Foam Board for Patio Doors

Glass doors can be the same source of heat loss as windows and we often forget about them. You can cut or minimise the heat loss by installing a rigid insulation board over glass doors you are not going to use in wintertime. Just cut the panel of insulation in size and shape that snugly fits the size of the glass door and then slip it into the doorframe.