Alba Insulation

The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) came into force in England on 1 April 1996 and set an obligation on Local Authorities to reduce energy usage and CO² emissions in their areas by 30% over a 10 year period to help combat climate change. Since its inception, the ALBA INSULATION LIMITED has grown significantly, working in partnership with Local Authorities across the UK from this year to help you to insulate your home making it warmer and potentially saving you over £250 per year on your fuel bills. Energy costs and concerns of global warming are rising fast. The need to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint has never been greater. Alba Insulation Limited use for insulation provides a high performance and truly sustainable solution to both consumption of energy and the effects of climate change.

Did you know? It maybe FREE! Anyone aged 70 or above is entitled to a 100% grant which will cover the entire cost of all insulation works! Un-insulated cavity walls cost you money.